مدونتي شخصية,و سأنشر من خلالها مواضيع يهتم بها اغلب الاشخاص

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Margam Park

Walking tripWe went for a walking trip last week (24/02/2008)
and it was fabulous
the weather was very cold
but we couldn't resist the sunshine

Margam park is in Port Talbot

located just outside Swansea

half an hour away from Cardiff City the capitol of Wales

This was the starting point where we parked the car and Salah sets the GPS.
Everyone was excited.

and just when we started walking
Fatima needed help with her shoelace

the park is full of historic ruins
and lovely scenery

This is Mohammad

The first gate to the route

There were different routes with different colours

information about what we can find in the way through our walk

two type of deers
white and red

it is just beautiful

over there

"this is what happens when you don't stick together"

Salah was still checking if we were on the right route

children went down to the stream

someone wanted to take a picture of himself

and still checking the route

this is an information board about the life in the lake

this is the lake
the finishing point

the walking trip took nearly four hours
and this is a video for one of our stops

Monday, 25 February 2008



Is more than golden sands and blue see

Is more than just a destination or a country on the map

Is home for all man kind


Is my only home
May Allah keep her safe forever