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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Movie night

We just came from the cinema after watching one of the best movies available for my favourite actors Sarah Jassica and Pierce Brosnan. The trailer for 'I Don't Know How She Does It' is available below. It is a must see movie actually, it's very realistic and funny too. The movie has some funny and sad moments, it has lots of tips to add on to a marriage. It has some important family principles to keep the boat going throughout ups and downs.

I loved the way Sarah Jassica acted when she received a text from her childminder saying that she found head lice in her children's hair. That was very funny reaction from her, itching and itching very hard.

The movie showed some nice moments when Sarah Jassica tried hard to be at her best for her family and at work. She showed people (men and women) that nothing is impossible, they only need to organise everything ahead.
This movie is a 5 star, and thumps up to it.


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