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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cardiff, The capital of Wales

I'm reposting this article with some amendment to bring to you the best and latest information about Cardiff tourism.

One of my best cities in the UK, Cardiff the capital of Wales
You can check the below website for more information

Daffodils زهرة النرجس #flower 
Daffodil flower
This article is a small useful guide about Cardiff and it's surrounded area for people who are interested in going to visit Cardiff. I have provided some pictures taken with my camera.

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and it has a very nice shopping centre recently extended. There are many activities and places worth a visit, such as cinemas, bowling, International swimming pool and the water activity centre in Cardiff Bay.  In the centre of Cardiff, visitors can enjoy:

  • The Cardiff castle (Historic)
  • Cardiff bay (Sea view)
  • Techniquest (it's a scientific centre)
  • Bute park
#Cardiff #university open day.
Cardiff University 

Away from Cardiff City centre, you can visit:

  • Penarth sea front and Penarth pier using buses or trains, it's 15 minutes from Cardiff. 
  • Cosmeston lake is within Penarth area and using a bus is the best way to go there or you can heir a taxi.
  • Alexandra Park is just before Penarth seafront.

#penarth #wales #seafront
Penarth Seafront 
  • St Fagans Welsh life museum is an outdoor museum and has an indoor caffee with a gift shop too and it's 20 minutes away from Cardiff. Visitors can use buses from Cardiff city centre. 
  • Porthcawl is a small town by the sea, it's 35 minutes away from Cardiff and the best way to go there is by car.

The click from Leeds moved to Cardiff
Cardiff central

If you are a fan of nature, then the have to visit the countryside of Wales. you can take a walk to discover the historic areas such as Castle Coch (by train or bus) or Cearphilly Castle (by train or bus), or you may go to Margam park (by car). If you like walking then ask about the footpath that takes you around the countryside to discover the nature closely.

Cosmeston Lake
Cosmeston Lake

Cardiff central on ST David's day
Cardiff central

If you like countryside walks, or to stay near a lake and surrounded by mountains, then you can stay in a cottage, caravan park or bed and breakfast hotel in Brecon Beacon or Snowdonia. There are many websites available to search for your favourite countryside vacation. 

enjoy ....

december 2006 to january 2007 067
Penarth Seafront 


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