مدونتي شخصية,و سأنشر من خلالها مواضيع يهتم بها اغلب الاشخاص

Friday, 14 March 2008


People are human

And human always need time to think

To get the inspiration; The feeling inside them

We always rush through life

With our busy life

It is time to seek Allah's mercy


This is time to think
About the empty soul


FILL it with real meanings

Meanings of love

our Love to Allah

Meanings to care

to CARE of each other

Meanings to be truthful

Truth is fact

Truth is reality

Truth is the foundation of a happy life

Be truthful with Allah and with yourself

Don't we deserve to be happy?


:::ShoSho::: said...

Yeah we all deserve to be happy..
and in the hectic life, we not doing doing enough for Allah walla..

it's ironic when we read every Do3a in times of crisis and when it's over we get busy again..

I used to be like that.. but now I try my best to do more.. read more and all that..

:::ShoSho::: said...

there are some mistakes but I suppose you know what I meant lol!

Salah said...

If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise Allah.
Difficult moments, seek Allah.
Quiet moments, worship Allah.
Painful moments, trust Allah.
Every moment, thank Allah.


I'm not sure what's the origin of the above, but it shows that Allah should be in our heart no matter is the situation even when you're busy with hectic life!

Big Pearls said...

people deserve to be happy, bas lil asaf happiness is ruined by ppl themselves

kila ma6goog said...

we dont


most of the time

wara8mu5a6a6 said...

هل نستحق ان نكون سعداء
بما ان الديموقراطية هي المنهاج الذي تسير عليه الدول الكافلة لحرية الفرد و المجتمع
سوف اتحدث من منطلق ديموقراطي
يقول منطلقي هذا , آنه ماعلي من الناس و علي من نفس
اعتقد ان نفسي تستحق ان تكون سعيدة بشكل او بآخر , تلك السعادة التي لا تنضب سعادة الايمان بالله سبحانه و تعالى
شكرا منال :)

darkness said...

everyone deserve to be happy

but few of us work to it

we forget how we can be with allah sobhana

and in this way we forget to respect life, ourself & the other

so we lost the way to be happy...

|:| DUBAI |:| said...


Aldenya said...

بكل صراحة استمتعت الردود

نحن جميعا نستحق الحصول على السعادة
وان كانت بعيده عن متناول أيدينا
إلا أنه يجب أن نحاول
أن نصل إليها
حتى نسعد داخليا
وتطمئن أرواحنا

شكرا يا منال

ManalQ8 said...



Big Pearls

kila ma6goog



|:| DUBAI |:|


thank you all for the lovely comments

I've enjoyed reading them

yes, most of you agreed that people deserve to be happy

and I just need to add that most studies shows that people (man and woman)need to take time off to have some rest and to relax

so why not we take that time to think of our life slowly

I will end-up my comment with one of Salah's sentences

" Every moment, thank Allah. "

and thank you all :)

فتى الجبل said...

its the time to teach our goverment & people how to love our land
its the time to teach tham how to love kuwait

ManalQ8 said...

فتى الجبل

Take it easy

calm down

You are the one who should take time off

Time off from POLITICS

Think of a way
to keep things going in the right direction
how to start to change things from the real world

I wish you a very peaceful life