مدونتي شخصية,و سأنشر من خلالها مواضيع يهتم بها اغلب الاشخاص

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Try these tests

I got them from my friend by email

I don't usually post an email stuff

But these tests are great

First one is to test how fast you are in typing

18 words


By the way this is not my score
I had 26 words per minutes

Second test is how good is your memory
Face memory test

I remember I got 85% and 98%

Third test is the best one
I liked it

It is about what you are like

What is your visual DNA?



nyxxie said...

I tried the speedtest I type 75 words per minute lol

الزرقاء و ندى الجنة said...

I dont like tests :P:P

LiFe DRaMa said...

nice ... i like it


ManalQ8 said...

اهلين بالكل

جميل ان نختبر قدراتنا

وخصوصا ما نقوم به يوميا

سعيدة بتواجدكم

حياكم الله