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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Try Google reader

Google reader

Thank you to brother m6goog for his great idea and suggestion to use the Google reader. This tool saved me a lot of time, searching for the new contents of my favourite pages.

This tool can be used as an alert to stay up to date and it it very easy.

Users can organize and personalize the Google reader to fit their needs.

You can monitor the latest news from your favorite news website, track any pictures or videos that tagged with Kuwait or any other tag you want to check. This tool can list all the old items from any website or blog.

This is a suggestion to help people who are looking to control their time on the Internet

and by the way

I don't get any commission

And for those who tried it, give us your view
Thank you


iNoor said...

I use it and it's more than excellent :)

ManalQ8 said...

oh yes I see

You are the first one to comment too


بو محمد said...

Dear sis.,
inspite of the fact that Salah has instructed me more than once on how to register and have the readers notified when I publish, I still believe that there is something that I am not doing right. I am one of the worst people when it comes to technical specifics. I am trying my best now. Thanks for the informative post and I shall en shaá Allah follow up.

ندى الجنة said...

Hey sis.. inshallah i am going to try it.:
I hope you are not of those who hate blog homeworks :P coz I have a homework for you which was given to my by other bloggers..check it up here >>www.al3yoon.blogspot.com

:::ShoSho::: said...

I have been using it for a while now.. it's good especially if you read a lot of blogs, you can see which ones are updated instead of visiting each one..

One thing I don't like, is when you delete a post, it's still on the reader! So think twice before you post lol!

SpiKeY said...

add spikedq80.com to it...it helps :P


I use Vienna....its a reader for Mac...its quite good really

elq87obi said...

about my self

i never use it :)

maybe one day i will use it hahahaha :)

thank u 4 ure bost :)

bbye :)

wara8mu5a6a6 said...

اهلا منال
عرفت القوقل ريدر
يوم مدونين الوورد بريس سووا حملة
يشجعون فيها الناس انها تستخدمه
يومها بعد سويت لي حساب بالريدر

بقولج , ليش ما تحولين مدونتج للورد بريس .. خصوصا و انتي تحبين تبدلين بالثيمات

شكرا يا منال على البوست :)

Rawan said...

Salaam Manal :)

Thanx for sharing this with all of us..

I'm going to try it ..


Thank you

kila ma6goog said...


ManalQ8 said...

بو محمد
You’r welcome brother

If you want, you can follow the tutorial on their website
it is very clear


and we are (me and Salah) here to help you if you need any more clarification

Wish you all the best with the Technology



ندى الجنة
Welcome sister

yes it is worth it

use it and give us a feedback when you can

I do rely on it very much now


and wait
what homework sis
I just finished the uni stress
am waiting for my result

so no more homework please


just joking

I will check your blog soon
thanks dear
Ahleen dear
yes that is right

saved me a lot of time

and I do agree with you that it shows who deleted its post

but I do enjoy this part some times

ManalQ8 said...

Welcome brother

yes I did

I have never heard of the Vienna because am not keen to try new operating system (Mac)

Thanks to share that with us
Welcome brother

maybe when you use it
you will tell us about your experience then


Thank you for passing on

Welcome sister

did you notice my new blog design???

I do like to change it from time to time

not too much options
to chose from


I'll think about it

ManalQ8 said...

salam sister
ahleen dear

You are welcome
Hope you'll like it

Thank you

kila ma6goog

Thank you brother

Batoul A. said...

I adore google reader! <3

Big Pearls said...

I use it and I totally love it

ManalQ8 said...

Batoul A.
Big Pearls

Me too

Thank you :)

عروس البحر said...

حلو اوي الجوجل ريدر
بتحطي مدونات فيه
و هو يعطيكي الفرصة انك تقري كتابة اصحابك
الحديثة بدل ما تعدي تلفي في المدونات تشوفي
مين كتب بوست؟؟؟

رجل يحمل مشاعر said...

معلومات جديده وجيده بالنسبه لي :)

دائما متميزه في طرحك يا منال

أتمنى لك التوفيق

ManalQ8 said...

عروس البحر

انا ما استغني عنه الصراحة

فايدته كبيرة

شكرا على المرور


رجل يحمل مشاعر
اخي الكريم

اشكر لك الكلمات الجميلة


اتمنى لك التوفيق

Celia said...

Great work.